how Caitlin ditched "normal" work to be her own boss, and how you can, too!
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The 3 Steps to work-at-home freedom
Discover the three steps for work-at-home freedom and how to use the first one to finally take charge of your life.
Discover how I went from fired to freelancing to freedom. 
It doesn't matter where you're starting, and I'm going to prove it to you.
learn how to break free 

Learn how to free your mind from the lies that are holding you back -- and why it's so important do that first. 
Here's What Others are Saying about Work at Home...
Caitlin's book, Work At Home, is a down-to-earth, funny, and super actionable read! When you finish this book, you will truly believe that the only thing standing between you and the income of your dreams is your skill set. 

And if there's anything Caitlin wants you to come away with, it's that skills CAN BE LEARNED! I love Caitlin's insights into how she grew her business, the mindset for growing your own, and the misconceptions we're raised with that stop us from achieving our full potential! If you want to work for yourself, on your own terms, this book is a must-read!
Yael Bendahan
This book is a straightforward blend of motivational speech, career coaching, and step-by-step blueprint to identifying the reader’s strengths and interests, and then transforming that into a work-at-home business. Caitlin’s personal anecdotes will awe and inspire, and once she has you pumped up, she gives you a practical day-by-day plan to put dreams into action.  

The book itself is entertaining, uplifting, and very easy to read. The author’s writing style is funny and down-to-earth, and her honesty and openness is refreshing. Filled with work-at-home resources, this guide would be a great gift for a high school graduate, retiree, or friend making a career transition.  
Dawn Krzisnik
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