In her all-new guide, Caitlin Pyle reveals a surprisingly FAST way to...

Banish IMPOSTOR SYNDROME Forever and

GET UNSTUCK in Your Life and Business...

...without spending a dime on expensive therapy.

In her all-new Guide, Caitlin Pyle Reveals a Surprisingly FAST way to...

Banish IMPOSTOR SYNDROME Forever and GET UNSTUCK in Your Life and Business...

...without Spending a Dime on Therapy.

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What You'll Learn in this FREE Guide:

What You Will Learn in This Latest Guide "GET UNSTUCK NOW"

What You Will Learn in This Latest


  • EXACTLY where IMPOSTOR SYNDROME comes from -- and why it's not your fault.

  • A practical (and powerful!) 4-step framework for rewriting your reality using your thoughts (really!) so you can get unstuck in any situation.

  • How to STAY unstuck: Anyone can get unstuck for a day or two -- I'll teach you how to make it last.

  • Unlock Success With A Powerful Mindset Shift: Mastering Impostor Syndrome Along The Way. Embrace Your True Potential By Conquering Self-doubt And Paving The Path To Success.

  • Free Yourself From Impostor Syndrome: Rewrite Your Reality, And Empower Transformative Change.

  • Elevate Your Life With Positive Thoughts: Unstick Yourself And Transform Your Reality Through Empowering Beliefs. Explore A Menu Of Affirmations To Unleash Your Full Potential.


Master Impostor Syndrome with One Mindset Shift

Unlock success by shifting your mindset. Conquer impostor syndrome and embrace your true potential..


Break Free: Rewrite Your Reality and Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Uncover and change the root causes of impostor syndrome. Empower your thoughts for transformative results.


Empower Your Life: Unstick Yourself with Positive Thoughts

Transform your reality with empowering beliefs. Discover a menu of affirmations to unleash your full potential.

Hi! I'm Caitlin Pyle.

Way back in 2011, I got fired from my first (and last!) desk job. After three weeks of hiding under the covers, I pulled myself together and resolved to never allow someone else to have control over my income again. 

I slowly started expanding my freelance proofreading business. You name it, I could proofread it. Working with dozens of clients every month, I grew my business to nearly $50,000 a year working part-time hours. In 2014, I launched my own blog, Proofread Anywhere, where I offered online courses on how to start a proofreading business. 

I taught my students not only how to make money proofreading, but also how to step into the identity of a proofreader by adopting a professional proofreader’s mindset and recognizing the limiting beliefs that can so easily prevent them from being successful with the program. Mindset is the #1 ingredient to long-term success, and I always ensured my students knew that. 

But after eight years of blogging and creating products geared toward successful proofreading and working from home, I realized something. Even though my role as “the proofreading queen” had changed my life for the better, it was the resilient mindset I had developed through the ups and downs of owning a business that got me the most jaw-dropping results. I had become a completely different person. I had become confident, creative, and courageous… my life had exploded from what it was when I was a timid and tired freelance proofreader. 

That’s why, in 2022, I sold Proofread Anywhere… so I could go “all in” on helping entrepreneurs and service providers elevate their lives (and businesses!) by crushing self-doubt and dramatically transforming how they see themselves.

Hi! I'm Caitlin Pyle.

In November 2014, as a freelance proofreader earning less than $50,000 per year, I started a little blog called Proofread Anywhere... right at my dining room table.

With a little bit of faith, and -- at times -- a whole lot of fear, I built an incredible team, and we turned that blog into a multimillion-dollar media company that has helped thousands of people all over the planet start their very first freelance business.

By late 2022, Proofread Anywhere had become so successful that I accepted an offer of $4.5 million from a team of highly vetted and qualified investors to take it to the next level. My "little blog" wasn't so little anymore!

With such a radical change to my lifestyle and work since my freelancing days, let's just say I've become veeeerrry familiar with impostor syndrome... and how things like burnout can completely derail even the most savvy of entrepreneurs.

In fact, I spent more than three years recovering from total burnout following a traumatic divorce experience in 2018.

That's why today,

I coach successful female business owners (earning $150k+ per year) to overcome impostor syndrome, take back their lives from anxiety, avoid or recover from burnout, solve mystery depression, and amplify the
creative, joyful energy in their lives.

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