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How to TRANSFORM Your Trauma

Discover the Science-Based Solution for How to FINALLY Stop Allowing Past Trauma to Control You... and Start Truly LOVING Yourself Again.

Because you can STOP the negativity that was programmed into you by your past... 


Yes.  Really.

Register for the Two-Day TRANSFORM Virtual Retreat

to Eliminate Negative Thoughts for Good and Get Your Sense of Self Back… Just Like I Did.

Are you desperate to put an end to the stressful thoughts that just. won’t. stop… that keep saying you’re worthless, not good enough, and will never amount to anything in life?

At the TRANSFORM Retreat, I’m going to show you the simple shifts I made that ended up saving my life, stopping my negative thoughts cold in their tracks, and finally healing my body (more on that in a minute).

In this two-day LIVE virtual retreat, you’ll learn how to stop hating your life so you can finally make the money you want to, lose the weight you’ve been beating yourself up about, and get your time back to be with your family.

You’ll also learn the ridiculously simple (yet challenging & purposeful) process that I personally used to recognize how I was viciously self-sabotaging myself, forgive myself for all the mistakes I made, and finally release the resentment I had about the life that I felt trapped in.

Along the way, I’ll show you the remarkable MISSING factor that will finally explain why you’ve been stuck!

(This is something that not a single psychiatrist, therapist, or mindset coach told me about — through SEVEN different mental health diagnoses over two years!)

And that’s when EVERYTHING changes.

In TRANSFORM, I’m going to show you how to create lasting, PERMANENT change in your life, in whatever area you’re most aching for:

  • Do work you LOVE and make the money you actually want to make (instead of always feeling like every penny is sucked dry by creditors, the government, and the endless parade of bills)

  • Lose the weight, get your energy back and recover your sleep (even if you’ve been LIVING on coffee for years, constantly feel exhausted, and aren’t sure life without caffeine is even real)

  • Capture time for yourself and your family and jealously guard it like a dragon guarding its gold. Anyone who tries to take it gets burned, and you’ll feel GREAT about building those boundaries that keep YOU healthy

Here's what Brittany had to say about working with me...

“I started with being in teaching, being miserable and not knowing what I wanted to do… now I have a program I really loved delivering, and I work 5-6 hours a day Monday through Thursday. Recently, we had a 6-figure launch. And I’m just proud of the example I’m setting for my daughter that you can make as much as you want and you don’t have to burn out to do it. Now, we have options and are considering buying our first rental property!

If I hadn’t worked through my mindset, I would still be barely making ends meet.

If you are considering working with Caitlin in any capacity, I highly recommend it. The impact she’s had on my life, my family's life, and my kids' life has been truly life-changing. I can say that I wouldn’t be here in the same capacity without her help. I’m so grateful for everything she’s taught me about business and life. It has made a huge impact on my life and I’m very certain it will have on yours also.”

— Brittany Long, six-figure business owner (!!)

If you've been desperately clawing at what feels like an invincible income ceiling, drowning in paralyzing self-doubt, and you're "doing everything right" but STILL aren't seeing the progress you want... (I call this feeling “invisible chains”)...

then you NEED to attend Transform

This retreat will show you what you're capable of when you transform what you think, feel, and believe about yourself.

This is the work that will permanently change your life -- if you allow it!

By the end of the Transform Retreat...

  • You’ll get to wake up excited to create — not work — in your business. No more hitting the snooze button 17 times, hoping the day will just go on PAUSE!

  • You’ll finally look in the mirror and have COMPLETE confidence that those extra pounds have an expiration date, my friend!

  • You’ll get your ENERGY back… and watch yourself as you break through the income plateau you’ve been trapped on – and discover more abundance in your life.

Warning: You may even experience friends stopping you and saying, “WOW! You are GLOWING. What’s your secret?!”

If you want a breakthrough, TRANSFORM is THE PLACE to get it.

Imagine for a moment… what would it be like if you could…

  • Confidently ask for the raise at work you’ve been anxiously thinking about for months and GET it

  • OR… start that business you’ve been dreaming about for YEARS (but never took action on because your mind keeps telling you that it’ll never work)

  • Actually find a way to make money that feels GOOD for you, brings you passion & joy and helps you build powerful relationships with people you like being around

Of course, right now… there’s something blocking you from experiencing all that.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • Constantly beating yourself up for tiny mistakes you make, where one little slip-up at work or home consumes your mind for DAYS… and you feel like the worst human being on the planet

  • Working a job you hate so much it makes you want to pour hot wax into your eyes (but you feel you HAVE to because it pays the bills and deep down, you’re not even sure anyone else would ever want to hire you).

  • Looking at everyone around you and wondering what they have figured out that you don’t… and feeling that horrible feeling in your gut that maybe there’s just something wrong with you

The good news is this: It IS possible to change your life and how you feel about yourself… PERMANENTLY.

You CAN stop blaming yourself and actually feel INCREDIBLE about who you are (and even how you look) when you look in the mirror. 

You CAN make changes that actually STICK… and find yourself looking back in 3, 6 or 12 months and being PROUD of the person you’ve become

You CAN actually look yourself square in the eyes and say, “I love you, me!!” and actually MEAN it.

How would that feel?

What would that change for you if that was your REALITY?

In just 12 years, I’ve gone from being a fired office worker…

…to a freelancer

… to a multimillionaire 

…to a broke divorcee 

… to extreme mental illness with 7 different diagnoses plus a cancer diagnosis

… to a multimillionaire again – and finally living my best life, traveling around the United States “glamping” in my custom camper van.

Skeptical? I GET IT.

I spent years believing no one but the mean voice in my head telling me the best days of my life were over. You might be thinking that the best days of your life are behind you, too...


It just so happens that you’ve made it through 100% of your “bad” days in the past. 

You wouldn’t be reading this if that weren’t true ;)

That means you’re MUCH STRONGER than you realize…

So why does your mind keep telling you that you’re such a failure?

What is making you think this way? 

Let me show you.

Here’s a photo of me just four years ago, in 2020...

And here’s a photo of me now!

So what changed?

The version of me that you see in the “before” photo had it all.

But when I looked in the mirror, all I could see was who I BELIEVED I was at the time: a talentless, disgusting failure.

The longer I held onto that belief, the worse I felt… and I found myself in a depressing existence that I desperately wanted to end.

How did it come to this???

You see, in 2011, I was fired from a corporate job. Over the next 10 years, I somewhat accidentally started a company called Proofread Anywhere.

Much to my surprise, that company EXPLODED and, in 2022, sold for millions of dollars. 

From the outside, I had it all: a thriving business, a happy marriage, and the ability to work remotely – meaning I could make money and travel anywhere in the world at the same time.

I should be happy, right?!

And everyone thought I was happy! I even thought I was happy… for a while.

But on the inside?

I was an uncontrollably depressed wreck.

The rapid growth and success of my business filled me with a new kind of anxiety that I didn’t know how to deal with. 

I drank every night. Constantly smoked weed.Even used prescribed medication to try to “balance” myself out… all of which made me more of a mess.

Then, in 2018, my “picture perfect” marriage unexpectedly came to a blisteringly painful end. 

I plunged into a massive identity crisis.

Who WAS I if I wasn’t married?!

On top of that, the divorce completely drained my finances, costing over $2,000,000 to be free from that relationship and keep my business. 

By the time the dust settled, I had $180,000 in credit card debt, a huge mortgage, and no cash to pay my team.

I’ve never felt fear like that.

The stress was literally killing me.

"No matter what I did, I could not turn off the incessant negative thoughts."

Over the next two years, I started experiencing severe mental illness symptoms that had me feeling so low that began to consider if I was better off just not existing. 

No matter what I did, I could not turn off the incessant negative thoughts. 

Even when I told my therapists, doctors, and coaches that “the thoughts never stop,” they didn’t know what that even meant. 

I was hospitalized against my will 4 separate times, received SEVEN different mental illness diagnoses AND got diagnosed with cancer. 

Yes, all of that happened in a span of just two years. 

I wasn’t aware that the extreme stress I had experienced had pushed my body into a state of burnout – a real physiological condition where your brain and body are in a state of depletion and don’t have what they need to function properly. 

To make matters worse, during the most vulnerable parts of my journey, I attracted several manipulative individuals into my life who further depleted and deflated my concept of who I was. 

Fast forward to today, and I am fully recovered from multiple conditions doctors told me I’d never recover from. 

(Imagine what my life would look like now if I’d believed them!!)

The toxic individuals are gone from my life forever. 

My oncologist even prescribed me oral chemotherapy in January of 2022, which I declined – only to return to his office a year later with new lab work that showed that I was entering remission! 

How did I do the impossible? 

How did I recover from supposedly incurable illnesses? 

Is it a miracle?

There were TWO big changes!

From the outside, my tribe saw me as a successful, self-made woman, BUT what they didn’t see was how I saw myself. 

Although I appeared put together… behind the scenes? 

I was buried beneath self-doubt, anxiety, and feeling so lost and disconnected that I wanted to die. 

Thoughts like this were NORMAL:

I am such an idiot. 

I hate myself so much.

I’m useless.

I hate being alive.

I can’t stand myself.

Despite my outward success, I was an empty shell of the happy-go-lucky girl that I used to be.

I lost myself.

To get back home to myself, I had to dig deep and assess WHO I WAS (my identity). 

My BELIEFS about myself were holding me back. 

I thought I was a disgusting, worthless human.

So when I looked in the mirror, that’s what I saw… no matter what changed on the outside!

But discovering that my beliefs were toxic wasn’t enough!

And I learned something that COMPLETELY changed everything.

Working on a positive mindset is only HALF of the equation!

I also learned that BRAIN HEALTH is critical for a happy inner world.

Without a healthy brain, a healthy mindset is literally impossible.

It turns out my brain was physically SICK.

Scans in 2020 showed that I’d suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury – even though I’d never had a concussion, been in a car accident, or even hit my head. It was from STRESS.

When I discovered the connection between my BELIEFS and my BRAIN…


The problem is… even though a healthy, happy BRAIN is critical to everyone’s long-term happiness… NOBODY is talking about it!

That’s why I’m on a mission to empower YOU with what I’ve learned to heal your brain, upgrade your beliefs, and FINALLY feel good about who you are!

REAL results from retreat attendees...

(Straight from the post-retreat survey :))

"Don't you dare stop doing what you're doing - it's very powerful. I learned SO MUCH"

- Peter, February 2024 retreat

"Life-changing, unforgettable, cutting-edge, genuine, 'when student is ready, teacher appears,' YOU Caitlin are a gift from God, worth at least a hundred times the price."

- Terry, March 2024 retreat

"A really special event, deeply moving. Energizing, centering, practical and hopeful."

- Amy, February 2024 retreat

"Caitlin is very easy to listen to and learn from. Her way of teaching keeps your attention and her method is stacked in a way that connects the information for a better way of understanding. Her vulnerability and success is extremely admirable. She’s an amazing human and I’m so thankful I was able to take her class!"

- Jessica, May 2024 retreat

Results like those... are EXACTLY why I host TRANSFORM!

This retreat  is designed to ignite the fire of transformation within you...


Because YOU CAN change your life -- a lot quicker than you think.

My life felt hopeless until I realized one very important detail:

I could figure it out myself!


But it’s SOOO much easier if I show you the way.

Not only will you learn exactly how to make your own unique shift in how you see yourself, you will learn how to make that shift permanent. 

You CAN move from self-blame to self-acceptance. 

You CAN move from dwelling in the past to celebrating it. (I promise!)

You CAN move from self-doubt to self-trust.

You CAN move from being stuck in stagnation to blossoming in transformation.

You deserve to put yourself FIRST for a change. 

Would you like to come along on this journey with me? 

Would you like to cut away what’s clouding your vision of yourself and your life? 

With me as your guide, you don’t have to do it alone. We can do it together.

It’s safe to want this for yourself. 

And I want you to know this: if nothing changes, nothing will ever change.

Transform LIVE

You’re officially invited to join me for my two-day virtual retreat experience, TRANSFORM LIVE, happening from
July 20-21.


Day 0

Kickoff party with Caitlin!!

Friday, July 19 @ 7pm EASTERN TIME

Come hang out with me and meet your fellow "transformers”!

We’ll get to know each other, play some games, and set intentions for a wildly transformative weekend!

Day 1

Demystifying Energy: The Secret & Science Behind Why You’re Exhausted

Saturday, July 20 @ 10am - 6pm EASTERN TIME

We'll discover the different layers of "energy" we're bringing to each situation and how it keeps us stuck. You'll learn exactly how to shift when you’re stuck so you can actually make progress.

If you want to make a big change in your life, we have to first understand what we have to work with. 

As humans, we only have ONE natural resource: our energy.

Everything else flows from that.

On Day 1, we’re going to break down the two major types of energy: catabolic & anabolic energy, and what's happening biologically when you're in those energetic states.

If you struggle with overwhelm or negative thinking… this section will show you EXACTLY what’s going on.

I’m going to literally show you the science of why there’s actually NOTHING wrong with you.

Consider this a permission slip to stop beating yourself up :)

Then we’ll take a 90-minute break to get lunch and stretch.

After lunch, we’ll dive into the most neglected area of personal development…

It’s an area I’ve literally NEVER heard anyone else talk about.

And that’s BRAIN health. Your brain is the originator of your thoughts… the negative thoughts that keep you stuck. So why aren’t we talking more about how to take care of this vital organ?

As Dr. Daniel Amen said, “If you take care of the brain, the mind will follow.”

What you’ll discover will shock you as you discover the biological factors that are destroying your ability to feel good!

Day 2

Why You Get Stuck… and How to Get Unstuck

Sunday, July 21 @ 10am - 6 pm EASTERN TIME

Building upon the clarity we achieve in Day 1, we'll discover the 4-step Self Transformation Framework, a proven system that helps you create a powerful new version of yourself – and guarantees your future results will last.

We’ll go in-depth on HOW to transform… with our PERSONAL identity.

I’ll show you some of the BIGGEST myths out there on how to get results in this area… and why so many people struggle.

We’ll also talk about the power of “stored results” and how to create exponential change that lasts. 8pm EST : Closing Celebration &  LIVE Q&A

During the retreat, you will learn:

  • How the “energy” you bring to each situation affects what opportunities you’re able to see (and the provable science behind it)

  • How to recognize and shift your energy out of “fight or flight” survival mode so you can take advantage of opportunities around you (this is KEY for pursuing financial goals, for instance)

  • Create awareness around your current beliefs about who you are – and how that is driving your results/lack of results in the present

  • See how identity beliefs work with TONS of relevant, real-life examples

  • Consciously choose who you want to be (because you can!)

  • Identify what beliefs, thoughts, and actions are mainstays in your “New Who”

  • Learn strategies to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, fostering overall well-being

  • Acquire the mindset and brain health tools needed to build lasting wealth by understanding the relationship between beliefs, actions, and financial success

What’s included in TRANSFORM?

  • Kickoff party Friday evening

  • Two full days of LIVE teaching with Caitlin (Saturday and Sunday)

  • Breakout small group communities throughout the retreat so you can meet other attendees and form supportive friendships

  • Printable PDF Transform Retreat guidebook to help you create permanent, lasting change in your life

  • Closing celebration and Q&A Sunday night!

  • Access to the recordings after the event so you can re-watch whenever you want!

You have a choice...

You can either:

1) Keep doing what you’re doing and hope something magically changes that makes your life better (I’ve tried that too… how’s it working out?)


2) Decide that YOU are going to be the one to make the change and spend two days working on yourself to improve your life

I’m pouring my heart and soul into this retreat. It’s the most important thing I’ve EVER created. 

I will show up for you 100%.

Will you show up for yourself?

This is an opportunity to INVEST IN YOURSELF.

A retreat like this should be priced at $1,000 – at least.

And I’ve had many business leaders tell me it would be a STEAL at $1,000.

But I want this to be accessible for you.

So I’m not charging $1,000.

Or even $500!

You can get access to the entire TRANSFORM retreat for just $297.

Transform LIVE

Just $297 … again, yes, that’s for the ENTIRE RETREAT!

You’re officially invited to join me for my two-day virtual retreat experience, TRANSFORM LIVE, happening from
July 20-21.

Check out the breakthroughs from Transformers all over the world!

Nikki attended Transform in February 2024... here's what she had to say two months later when she made an appearance* at the
May retreat :)

  • * - Nikki enrolled in Self Transformation School after attending Transform in February 2024; STS members can attend future Transform retreats for free :)

I can guarantee one thing: if you do nothing, nothing will change.

If $297 is too much… what IS it worth to change your life?

Doesn’t your family deserve the best version of you?

The one who is energized, happy, productive, and successful?

NOBODY is going to do that work but YOU. 

I know because I had to make that decision for myself, and it was PAINFUL.

You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. I’ll show you what to avoid so you don’t fall into the same traps.

Who’s NOT a good fit for Transform?

If you’re not ready to do “the work” between the ears to get out of your own way, make sure your brain has what it needs to do its best for you, and do honest self-reflection on who you’ve been and purposefully create who you want to become, Transform may not be for you.

If you’re stuck in victim mode with a firm belief that your life stinks because of everyone else and that’s just the way it is, Transform may not be for you. 

If, on the other hand, you’re ready to shake off that old skin and escape the stronghold those mind traps have been having on you, Transform will help you do that REALLY fast.

The Guarantee

I want this to be a no-brainer for you.

If you register for and attend the retreat, do all the homework, and STILL don’t think this was the BEST $297 you’ve ever invested…

Simply email me after the retreat and tell me – I’ll refund you (less the 3% fees that that Stripe keeps when we refund.)

Other FAQs

Will I be glued to the computer all day?


There are about 6 hours of content each day, with lots of breaks in between sessions.

And if that’s still too much, WORST case scenario, you can watch the replay. But I HIGHLY encourage you to be there live to get the most out of this experience!

How is this different from the courses and materials you offered at Proofread Anywhere?

How is it not different? :)

I’ve never planned or produced anything like the Transform retreat. You’re getting ALL-NEW training presented in a format that I’ve never offered before. The best part is that you can apply what you learn at the Transform retreat directly to your experience inside Proofread Anywhere to ensure you take action, succeed with the course, and get clients.

What if I can't make it live?

While the event will be recorded, I encourage you to do everything you can to attend LIVE. Call the babysitter now!! :) The LIVE aspect is what will make this retreat seem almost magical. Not only will you meet other people who can support you in your journey, but the pure energy you'll get from being totally immersed in this kind of experience is unbeatable. That's why I'm telling you in advance, AND I'm hosting it on a weekend before spring break or anything like that hits. So make a plan NOW to be there :) You'll be so glad you did.

Hmmm… $297 is a great price, but I’m still not sure I can spend that kind of money. How do I know I’m making the right decision?

The exact reason that this question is showing up in your mind IS the reason why you must attend.

Because it’s not about the price. The event could be FREE, and the same question would be there…Because the real question is, “Am I WORTH investing $297 on something that’s just for me?” Only YOU can answer that.

I already know that you’re worth investing in.

I had to make those hard decisions myself. It’s safe for you to put yourself first. Your family deserves for you to put yourself first and be the happiest, healthiest, and most fun version of you!If you literally don’t have the money, sell some furniture on Facebook Marketplace. Ask relatives for advance birthday gifts or belated Christmas gifts to help you get the money. Despite what you’ve been taught… you CAN do what you set your mind to.Just try it and see what happens when you DECIDE you’re going to be with us! :)

How do I attend? In the comfort of your own home, on Zoom.

Transform LIVE

Just $297 … again, yes, that’s for the ENTIRE RETREAT!

You’re officially invited to join me for my two-day virtual retreat experience, TRANSFORM LIVE, happening from
July 20-21.

More Love from Previous Attendees

"No one should hesitate to do this retreat." -Julie (Transform, May 2024)

"Loads of gold nuggets and actionable instruction"
-Sherry (Transform, May 2024)

"I am so grateful for this event!"
-Lisa (Transform, May 2024)

"I'm so glad I allowed myself to have this experience. Thank you for the insight, truth bombs, and really enlightening tools to move forward with.
I already feel a shift in the way I see myself"
-Sasha (Transform, May 2024)

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